Ashley: I am very excited today. I have Colleen Wynia you’re joining me. She is a Reset Your Vibe, energy coach, and spiritual intuitive located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Thank you so much for joining me today.

Colleen: I’m so excited to be here with you, Ashley. I just love your podcast and your vision for enhancing lives.

A: Oh, thank you so much. Can you tell everybody a little bit about your background?

C: Oh yeah, absolutely. Keeping it on the personal and professional combination. I would say that. I come from a very heavy emotional body. It’s probably a good place to start because there’s a lot of emotion going on. There’s a lot of pain in the world. So I would say that a big part of my background living, you know, where I live and everything growing up as the eldest child, I felt a lot of responsibility to show up in the world. So if I go right to my background and I look at how I showed up in the world, I’m a female, but I put the male energy on. I worked in the lumber industry, administration first, and then selling lumber products. Very male oriented industry. I mostly work with men and I bring this up in the beginning because that’s how I thought I needed to survive, was to push. Vulnerability was hard for me yet, who I am at a core is a highly sensitive empathic being who loves to cry and feel her way through not feeling seen. So some of the things that I’ve struggled with is an eating disorder. Self sabotage is how I did it. My beloved sister, bless her heart: Corinne, she’s been passed away for several years. She used alcohol and sadly she didn’t make it. So coming from that similar emotional field of, a family that we had alcohol and we had love that wasn’t really able to be expressed, you know, the whole thing. I never felt good about myself. So what happened one day is I was in the lumber company. So here I am in the corporate world working in Vancouver and I’ve always worked since I was a young woman. We had to money was really tough. And so I’m working in the company and had this like vision to be a lumber trader and then I get to that point and I’m like: oh, I used to write my own job descriptions and you know, kind of had to push my way. It seems in my vision, I was easier for the guys, but what happened is I would attract people who want to talk about relationships. Or people that wanted to receive my love and my healing hands. I was the girl with the massages. People always came and sat in front of me. So I had this ability to touch and it was when I was 25. When I’d always wondered what happened, kind of when you die, and where do you go? I always believed in like natural ways and fitness and all that kind of good, healthy stuff. I didn’t believe in the norm right. Of what other people were doing in the medical world and stuff like that. But what happened is my cousin bless him. He was like my bro, I love you, Rob. He was 25 when he was diagnosed with cancer.

A: That’d be so hard. That’s such a young age.

C: He didn’t believe it. He denied it like a thousand percent. He had this growth on his neck. It was the one time in our lives when we lived together for one year. He and I, and our beloved auntie, we were the trio. We’d all broke up with our, husbands, our wives or boyfriends. And we all lived together under the same household for one year, but this beautiful man found out he had cancer. Didn’t believe he had it. And then months later my dad finds out he has cancer. My dad, you know, he’s like 59 and it was devastating. The long story short is they both went just kind of like the normal route, like listening to what the medical industry does. I was always trying to feed them suggestions for alternative ideas, but I was new in the world. It was always how I lived, but I didn’t know a lot, I never had anyone who had been diagnosed with cancer and when they died – I’m still in the lumber company. You know, and I, you know, had boyfriends, was single, but never really fallen in love and that kind of thing. When they transitioned, I felt so alone because I started over time to get these signs that they were maybe around. So I’m grieving my own grief, I knew I was going through a good spiritual awakening, you could say. That came later in the language that people speak about today. It was devastating. I noticed that they felt like they were around, there were these really cool things that started happening and I didn’t really trust myself because I wasn’t sure if they were real or I was going crazy or I was making up these things. I looked to my community; my friends, my family, people I know. And for my aunt who was on the bedside. One side of the bed and I was on the other, when Rob transitioned in the hospital. Like it was perfect. The trio. We loved each other so much. She didn’t know what I was talking about. And so she says, “but there’s a lady down the hall, maybe talk to like something” her intuition said; “go talk to this lady down the hall.” So she invites her over. So from there, my whole life led me from one person to the next, to the next. I began that spiritual, internal learning, meditation and spiritual church and all these things to help me understand what was going on.


A: It’s so funny how we gaslight ourselves in that when the intuition is starting to pop up and when we’re starting to maybe get the inkling that, this is what I feel about it. That our first instinct is to kind of be like, Nope, that’s not it. It’s funny how, when it comes to intuition that it kind of has to come back and knock on you a couple of times to be like, no, I’m here. I’m ready. I couldn’t even imagine having to lose two really important people in your life. So close together.

C: It was devastating my life continued to lose someone once every year. But to go back to what you just said about gaslighting ourselves, it’s like the first place we go, we’re doubting because it’s unfamiliar territory, right? The really cool thing is in order to capture my attention, to prove this was real. I have a clock radio and years ago I would wake up to the radio station, which was 95.3 FM in Vancouver. One morning I wake up and I’m living alone by the way, the volume was really loud. So my natural instinct was: “oh, I guess I bumped the volume button”, you know, and I go turn it down, go to bed. The next day, wake up to go to work the lumber company, and it’s loud again. This happened for about three days in a row, and each time it happened, you know where I’m going with this? You get a little bit more: “okay… don’t think I’m making this up, but I must be”. Cause like, what does this mean? As the event kept happening, the repeat signs you could say, I started to listen more and go: “aha caught my attention!” And then you tap into my body, and what happens is: download a memory, a name, a feeling, and I started to connect this electricity experience or vibrational radio wave frequency experience to my cousin Rob. For the listeners, if this is kind of happening to you or it’s a little newer for you. How I related it to Rob and not my dad was Rob was highly electric. He was like, if you came into a room, he’d be bouncing. He was like: the partier did the rap dancing, he drank his face off, he rode his bike, big, very high energy. So fourth morning, all of a sudden, if I’m having any doubt, not only is the volume button up guys, the radio station is completely on a different frequency. It’s a different channel. It’s like a Chinese radio. I’m guessing I don’t speak Chinese, but it was a completely different, I started rip roar laughter. It was so funny. I was like, okay I’m a believer. I’m a believer. And then it stopped. So the minute I got the message, it was purely a fun. Playful. You’re not alone. Help me grieve. As this continued to happen, I learned about my intuition and how to connect with the signs. And this goes on for years, like interpreting what they mean. This is what I do now for a living is I help people, teach them to listen to the signs within their body, the messages, all of these things, but also how to interpret what they mean to them. People are getting signs all the time, it’s a very common conversation now, but the questions I get up with is like, what does it mean? How do I change my life? How do I heal this trauma? Whatever the thing is that they don’t know about till we get into it. But it was so cool because when it started to happen, my grief lifted. This is why it’s so important. My auntie, I would check in on her and for years and years and years; it wasn’t happening to her and she was always in pain. “Oh my Rob”, and I’m like, oh yeah, Rob. I’m thinking like he visited me. He’s awesome. He’s here. And she’s like crying and I could feel the difference experience we were having.

A: I think things like that too. It’s like, if you’re open to it, you’re more likely going to get the messages or the signs and if you’re closed off, I think potentially you just miss it.


C: Exactly. Exactly. So that closed off is you’re asking me earlier about like body work or things that you do to kind of help you along in the intuition. There’s a lot of different things, but just even taking massage, for example, not necessarily just any massage for someone that like myself, that’s trained in or intuitively trained, I should say. I’m more of an intuitively self-taught person, people can’t believe it: “you’ve never gone to RMT school or registered massage training, or Swedish?” “No, I just do it.” The body carries cellular memory, right? We know like Dr. Joe Dispenza or all the teachings out there is that our pain, keep it simple here, but any pain suffering is in the memory of like the body not just, the mind. You can talk to yourself, you know all the positive mindset shifts you want, but if we’re not transmuting at the body level, where I’ve been helping people do that for over 20 years. Plus the breath work, energy work is really key if you want to become a better intuitive, we need to open our field even more and more and more. And there’s multiple ways to open up our field.

A: Going back to, when you were working in the lumber industry, you always had the connection of wanting to touch people and wanting to help them with the massage. When did you decide to make the shift of working in that industry and to more focusing on exactly what you are doing now?

C: Oh my God. That’s a great question. I’m laughing here. That’s a really cool, fun little story for me to share. I’d worked with this company for 11 and a half years and approaching near that 11 and a half years, I could feel in my body that there was something more for me. I went into a program called Shamballa trainings. Remember when I said earlier that I started to experience spiritual experiences for my loved ones? And it led me to these different groups and things was like a spiritual church. When I went to the spiritual church, I started to drive out to New Westminster every Wednesday. They’d have a psychic medium or they’d have like a pastor speaking: spiritual conversation. I didn’t know what the heck I was listening to, I just felt guided. So my point in this for all of everyone listening is: follow where your energy guides you. So that’s the first step, I just kept going there. It feels good. And meditation. Oh, I don’t even know. I never meditated. It feels good. So what happened is one Wednesday, I meet a psychic medium and she worked for the homicide department part-time for the police department and she would solve cases. So I knew she was legit because they don’t talk about that, but who would bring her on if she wasn’t pretty good at what she did.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

A: For sure.

C: She was really only a few years older than me. I thought: “oh my God, I so resonate with her.” Psychometry is when a psychic medium or someone who’s kind of used to have you give them your something important to you, like a piece of jewelry and then have them read it. It was almost like a going to a reader, I don’t work with people that just give you a reading. I help people change your life. Right. So, but that’s back then. So people were giving her their jewelry, their special sentiment thing, and I thought I’m going to test her, give her my lipstick. I don’t know why. I just thought I don’t really have anything to hand her right now that let’s give her my lipstick and she got it. But anyways, it was just kind of a comical thing. I don’t remember what came from it, but I do remember that I really liked her. I started seeing her privately and I did intuitive readings where she would tape record and do an intuitive reading. She also did bodywork. So how this opened me up was I wanted to get a lot of psychic readings from her, back then. It was like: “I hope to have that man, that boyfriend, I want”, like, it was so hilarious. I’m like trying to tweak the conversation and make her answer the way I want. Like, it was so silly, but she got where…

A: You just want the confirmation on. So like, everything’s going to be good. It’s going to be that.


C: I just want to know I’m going to be with Stewart. You know, I just want to know that so-and-so is going to be in my life. But I really got the healing was when I was on her healing table, because she was a medical, intuitive so that meant, she knew how to intuitively touch my body, like a massage therapist, but she worked with energy and she could see into my body kind of like how she worked for the homicide police department. She could see things and she just knew where to go to help me. Well, that’s what I have. I have actually an ability to know where to go on someone’s body without thinking about it. Okay. And a lot of us do we do, but when I started crying to her about the boyfriend and this breakup in this thing, and I’m crying my eyes about everything, I’m always emoting. One day she said, I think you need more than me. I see this option or option two. I went to option two or something, and that was it three and a half years. I dove in, I did combined Eastern Western teachings. I learned all about meditation and Buddhism and dynamic movement and rebirthing, which I have taken forward with clients for 20 years now. Britches breathing, conscious, connected, breathing. It’s a breath of life. And when you do a particular breathing practice in a way that helps open you, this heals your heart and opens your intuition and sets you on the stage to attract the direction of your business your partner, your money flow, everything. It was the inner deep work where I released my shadow side. I started to open up my heart over three and a half years and became a practitioner. So when I became my own practitioner, I was part-time going back to the lumber company. I’m still, full-time there making my money. I started to see clients who found me in my living room in the evenings. I would take them through this coaching and rebirthing experience, which was the breathing with me being there like a counselor. That’s how my practice actually started. It was rebirthing and counseling. We could call it in simple language but it wasn’t simple, it was profound. People come to me once a week for 10 weeks or once every two weeks and their whole lives would just turn around. I knew I needed to leave the company. I didn’t know where to go. I only ever had a full-time employee job or part-time jobs at all. You name it, restaurants, selling shoes, babysitting, whatever. I didn’t know what to do. So I guess the universe came in and said, here’s your papers? Your severance package, things are changing. Here’s the money. My brain is a business brain. A traditional, you need a certificate thinking school, brain. It said: “Colleen, invest that money. That’s a lot of money and go get another job job.” Meaning just over broke, which is every day I was making money, but I was just over broke. So I got the papers and I spent a year and a half just went back to school. I’d never been to university or college because I started work the next month after I graduated high school, I always had to work my way through. So I went to university and I lived in this beautiful brand new apartment. I drove a leased car, spent my money and my heart said: “keep going.” My head said, “oh!” and I went. Ended up going over the years into bankruptcy. Finally, I pushed it away. Like I created all this debt and it was creating new stress in my life. So my point in all of that is I didn’t have a choice. Spirit was telling me you’re not going to get another job. You wouldn’t even be happy. You’re going to frickin find this entrepreneur way. It didn’t come easy for me. I don’t want that for everybody else, but it didn’t come easy for me; it was a very big struggle. I was working a part-time job marketing wellness practitioners that could do all sorts of things. Nutritionists, eye therapy to a corporate company, I was the one calling everybody to say; “Hey, we got this, I got this list of practitioners and healers together. We can come and do a lunch and learn at your company.” I remember it, marketing and all that, one of the guys who was doing some healing on me after, “why are you not doing the practitioner like the coach? Why are you not doing this full-time why are you marketing other ones?” I went, really? and I had to secondly, I had a girlfriend. She goes, “why are you not doing more rebirthing?” If your work is profound, your massage is profound and we’re sitting on a rock. One day I meditated on this rock overlooking, not too far from where I live actually now. I asked spirit, I said, what’s the name of my company or business? I have a name. They’re like “heart link. You connect people to their hearts.” There’s the answers. So I was like, okay, now what? So nothing was easy for me, but that’s basically it, I was guided by spirit.

A: I think that’s sort of the myth when it comes to entrepreneurship, just because you have this path that feels right, or this idea that you are full-heartedly behind, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the steps are going to be easy. In a lot of cases, it’s very rarely that way. But I do think it’s really beautiful that when we go back to even when you just started seeing the signs of Rob that it’s like right then and there, it was that this is something that I connect to. This is something that brings me joy. This is something that I could be authentic doing versus just a job that it really does sort of always come full circle. If there is something that you are called to do or meant to do, it does find a way. We sometimes struggle internally to believe ourselves or to listen to the signs when they’re directly to ourselves. And sometimes it does take a push from somebody else to be like, oh no, this is what you should do for us to listen. So I think it’s learning how to trust your intuition so that you don’t necessarily need that outside part. Now for somebody that’s maybe wanting to strengthen their intuition or get more aligned with their body, how often would you recommend that? They do things like practicing breath work or doing those deep tissue massage.

C: First off, I’m a believer that everything’s personalized to you. It does take practice to figure out what is your rhythm and what you need. Someone who’s got a heavy pain body I’m using kind of Eckhart Tolle’s language of pain body, and we know the power of the mind we can work with. If someone is feeling heavy emotion or distraught with something in your relationships, your health, you want to be doing something all the time. The thing is we are in law of attraction, 24/7. I can’t tell Ashley what’s best for Ashley. I can Intuit based on what I pick up from Ashley but what, Ashley is requiring, I can channel through messages as you can channel for yourself. So here’s the tip is my goal for Colleen is to live in harmony 24/7. Like that would be ideal. When that’s possible. If that’s possible, but that’s my goal. So what I need to do is constantly be equating that. So let’s tap into the vibrational scale. I call it the, emotional vibrational scale, pretty simple. Scale of one to 10, 10 being you’re feeling awesome, and one or zero, like you want to kind of take your life kind of thing. There are people and children even that are struggling at this low end of the spectrum. You just check in a moment. If you’re living and blocked, you need to do some work. If you’re really working through some stuff and you’re ready to change, and you’re tired, then book was someone like myself or someone who can do some, in-person healing or some online healing – but really do that. We want to help you get that vibration. So you’re carrying it higher most of the time then on yourself and a daily practice check in on that one to 10 scale. And if you’ve got your list of 10 things to do, and you really only need to be on two of them. If you do right, then do those things and cancel out the other things or move them forward. And that open up space so you can do some meditation, some journaling, some breath work. A real simple breath work technique I’ll give to everyone here is this is like a mini rebirthing. Rebirthing just means life force energy, it was named rebirthing back in the 1950s by a man named Leonard Ore, the rebirthing breath came about as that name because he was in a bath tub of water. He was breathing in water, water was up to his neck and he had this experience that took him back to as if he was being rebirthed from his mom’s womb. He had this vision and this sensation and this experience. So this gentleman happened to call it rebirthing and not everybody knows about it, but all of us who are right in that zone; I’ve been doing it for years, but I brought myself through it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can use the breath and really just do some slow breathing to slow your blood pressure, bring your heart rate down. That’s just, if you’re really anxious, you breathe in and out.

A: What a difference, because a lot of the times we don’t even necessarily think about how we’re breathing or how did you like conscious breathing.

C: Yeah, yeah. Really good point. So the first thing is to bring awareness to your breath and notice are you holding your breath? So that’s the first thing, very common. So first checking your breath, are you breathing and relax your shoulders, breathe right into your heart, into your belly, up to your heart. If you’re overwhelmed, just to start real simple driving, you can do it when you’re driving with your eyes. Open eyes closed. Always bring…


A: No to your eyes closed while you’re driving.

C: Thank you – now for the rebirthing breath, this is really, really great to help move emotional blocks and to get yourself in a mood state set for the day. Because if you’re like me, I’ve had a lot of challenges with my mood, mild depression, medium depression. Like I love the night. Don’t want to be here in the morning. I don’t know if like must’ve been me knowing I didn’t really want to come through the womb or something when I was born. But it’s like that my whole life it’s better, but it’s still like, I’m happier at night and the mornings I don’t even really want to start the day. It’s really weird. But I know how to teach myself I know I’m ready to show up for all of you. So the reactivation breathing is like, this is through the mouth. This is not the nose breathing nose breathing is amazing for so many things, but this one’s like this. So you do with your eyes closed primarily you can do it sitting up. You can also do it laying down. The rebirthing full-on experiences laying down. And as you get into this cycle at first, if you’ve never breathed that much on a regular basis, the first five, 10 minutes, you might actually notice that a dizziness, and just know that that’s normal. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just, you’re not used to that much oxygen flow and energy flowing through your body. So you’re waking parts of yourself up. But when you actually go into the longer version where you can breathe into all the energy centers, you hear the term chakras for energy centers in the body.

A: Do you want to explain it though? Just in case anybody doesn’t know.

C: So in Indian background, there’s the word might be chakra and or you can use energy center. Well, let’s just, let’s keep it simple. Let’s use the word energy centers and that is stimulating different parts of your body that run along your spine from your base of your spine, up to your crown. There’s seven main energy centers they’re called wheels of energy. Energy is everything so in your energy centers, you can check in with your body and feel where you’re blocked or where there’s a heaviness or a sensation. So let me give you an example. Let’s just say your gut. Okay. Your gut is a really great gut instinct. Your gut is around the third energy center called your solar plexus, the gut kind of that region. It’s just below the belly button that is your gut instinct. It’s really, really powerful. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but I can tell you that energy center there in your gut, which you hear a gut instinct that leads you trust it, but it also can impact your mood state. There’s something called the vagus nerve and the vagus nerve is in that region. It goes right up to your, brain – but anyways, massaging your tummy is one thing that can help you calm your nervous system. And also help metabolism, you know, digestion of food. You breathe into that area and if you’re feeling tightness or trapped, or angry.  One of the national hockey league players, I used to do massage with, and I would work on his gut just below his ribs. He was always getting rib injuries. So his ribs were really sensitive and it got to the point of upsetting his stomach as well. And he goes; “oh my gosh, Colleen, of all the areas you work on me with this massage and stretching this, I feel like the most relief, not just in my muscles, but in my being.” I said, yeah, cause that’s where we harbor our pain in our. Anger and our frustration and hockey players have a lot of frustration. So breathing into your different energy centers, that’s one of them, third energy center. I won’t get into the Sanskrit names, but I teach that in my program, how to breathe through the different energy centers to match up to what’s going on in your life. So you can literally just pick one energy center or two. So what I do in the morning is I use my phone just as an alarm. I put it on as low as possible and I put it on…. what would you call it? turn the wifi off? So there’s no energy interferences and put on airplane mode. That’s what I’m looking for! Airplane mode, and just put it beside me. If I have to be somewhere or with a client, I might just put the alarm for 10 minutes. I just start breathing into the energy centers that feel like they need my love. So once you do the breathing, you could start out slow, and then you can pick up the pace. [breathing examples] I know it sounds like you’re going to like, no, you’re not going to hyperventilate. It could bring up some feelings for you, but those feelings have been trapping you anyways.

A: It is really important to remember to check in with ourselves; because I think we do get on this cycle where we’re so focused on external things that we really don’t necessarily even know what’s happening in our body, 0r really take that time to connect with ourselves.

C: Totally, totally. I’m with you. Yeah. Thousand percent. The opportunity to always notice what’s going on in your body, notice how you’re feeling emotionally, monitor how you’re feeling physically. Cause like, let’s say, you’ve got some pain in your shoulders. Well, shoulders is like carrying the weight of the world. You’re believing you’re carrying the weight of the world. So it manifests there.

A: I would imagine your jaw would be bad for that too.

C: Ah, yes. There’s a lot of like where you might’ve been a child, in my generation we were told to be seen and not heard or not heard. Yeah. So for me to find my voice of truth, not just my voice I used to talk about what I thought Ashley wanted to know. I used to talk about what I thought my boyfriend wanted to talk about. I like to try to like, to be loved by them. I didn’t want to lose people’s love. And now it’s like, I’ve had to find my own voice.

A: It is really important when we stop that sort of people pleasing habit, and we do start speaking more authentically, maybe we will lose the people around us that maybe shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Then we attract the people that we’re meant to have in our lives

C: Yeah, exactly. This is what I love doing for my clients. I’m so happy that I can, be there for people, not just my clients, but you know, the community and be able to learn and grow with you. We have these incredible journeys and we’re here. This is our soul life. This is your path. And you’re meant to live it. You’re meant to discover it and to accept yourself along the way.


A: For so long society was teaching us that we have to be competitive and really this idea of lack. There’s an abundance. I do think that once we find our path of like, this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Whether it happens at 20 or whether it happens at 50, I do think that when you have a passion for something and you have that drive of wanting it to be something, I don’t really think there’s a timeline.

C: Absolutely, I call it our soul journey. We have a soul timeline and it’s almost like our soul. Like we have some say obviously, and in deciding in a moment. Whether it’s going to be this year or next year, we do have those influences of things, but I bet you anything. When I tap into my soul timeline, all the things that are meant to kind of happen, are just going to, and to let things go like, today. I mean, I don’t mind share with the listeners. I had this technical challenge that it kinda came out of the blue and I had to go through sorting it out and feeling, not professional enough, not good enough, that it didn’t flow. In time for, you know, start of a meeting. Then I had this household challenge with this toilet in the bathroom. Right. And my point in saying that is these things are there and they need to be addressed and yet they throw off your schedule. It’s like, who’s saying that schedule today was to be that when source is saying, you got these things to take care of. We don’t know the reasons why, something was out of alignment. Something’s happening here now what do we do with it?

A: It’s also understanding too, that even though there may be intuitions or signs that you can see, it’s okay to reach out to practitioners and say, I need help. I have this feeling, but I can’t really figure out what that’s supposed to be or what this is supposed to show me, and seek help. Don’t just assume that you have all of your own answers. Do you work with men and women, or is your programs more geared towards women?

C: I work with men and women. I’ve worked with elderly, I’ve worked with even teenagers. My program is so far attracted more women. It’s definitely an, intuitive healing you know, to get out of your own way to thrive your business. So whatever your thing is, like, for example in my program I can just speak to who it’s attracted so far. We have one woman who joined, she’d been following me for, I think, a few years, and then this information came across your plate. It was timing for her. So trust your timing. Okay. This amazing woman is in Melbourne, Australia under the pandemic under severe lockdown. She was a business owner. She was doing fairly well, except for the lockdown kind of interferes with things, but she was still feeling off. She wasn’t sure where to go with her business. She knew she was having challenges with her kids and she was just in this not feeling her best self without giving all the, you know, her background, but she just knew she was ready for something to shift her vibration and really understand what was going on and transmute that. So she came in with this, I want more peace and harmony, I don’t know how I’m going to get there, but I’m guided to work with you. Well, would you believe that when we work together through the program steps within a couple of weeks. She was already leaving me a story stories like amazing, but guess what happened? She had a dream of her home, a new home on her dream vision board. You could call it. She said for 15 years, when she was in the program doing the work with me, showing up and, she said: “oh my God, Colleen, I have literally manifested into my life is opportunity to buy this incredible property, which is the exact property I’ve envisioned for 15 years, like what’s going on.” Not only did she have the opportunity, the negotiations, there was a lot of other people who were putting bids in and it got down to her and this other man and she was working on letting go of it. Wasn’t meant to be, but also not letting go of that. This looks sure like mine and it could be mine and I’m going to hold the frame. So she goes, how do I decide what bidding numbers to go? Well, somehow I guided her to ask herself certain things and she knew exactly what one or two bids and it was like this really fine line and her health improved. Her relationships improved her new refound peace and she’s quite a kind of a fighter. She’s amazing businessman. That’s what happened to her.


A: It is really so funny when we start to have faith in ourselves, how much of an impact that can have, and that ripple effect throughout all sorts of facets within our life. If people were looking to work with your can you explain some of the services that you offer or what your program looks like in terms of, is it one-on-one, is it a multi week program?

C: Yeah, absolutely. First things anyone wants to check in to see if and what my services are. I do. Private conversation. So you would want to book a clarity call with me and you can book a clarity call with me by, you know, the information, the link site that we’re going to provide you, or by even contacting me through my email to start if you want my website so that’s C O L L E E N W Y N I A . Com. You can literally book a call. And from that experience, we decide what is personalized best for you. So I’m highly personalized, highly selective. I work privately with clients online and in my local area as well. We do series of sessions, the online program, crystallize your vision is designed to help ignite and energize your intuition to bring more clarity, confidence, creativity. For that, we get on a call together. The three things that are really special about the program, so number one, is it suited for literally whether you’re working on health, business money relationship, it’s about tapping into the block that’s in behind you right. That’s really what it is. It’s a real shifting ground. So it does meet a lot of criteria, but we’d have to have a conversation to see if you’re a match and it’s so good alignment for you and that we can get you the results, right. It’s by application only. Number two is delivered in a way that, so if you’re like in Melbourne, Australia, or you’re in the United States, you get a combination of teachings from me, the online trainings that have been proven and work, get some of these results we just talked about and you get to work with me and with the group, if you want to involve the other members, but you get one-to-one coaching with me through the online spectrum, we have literally live zoom calls every month, a few of them.

A: It’s always nice to have that group in that community as well.

C: Well, and this is where the growing is going, cause you can watch the video, apply the exercises and you can do all of that. Right. I know it works if you do the work, but then you’re alone. So if you work with the group, which one person said that was her favorite. How you get testimonials from people, one of the gals, she said her favorite part of the whole thing was literally the weekly calls that we did together, or the bimonthly calls depending on the timing of the program. She said it was really everything because she got direct coaching and guidance from me to help her through the next thing. And energetically quite often, her thing was the same story for the next person that was listening in slightly different. So you get one-to-one slash group together. For people who are afraid and they’re a little bit private, they go, I don’t know if that’s for me, but then they just dabble and taste a little bit. They don’t have to come on the call and work with me right away if they don’t want to, they can be in the program and they could go through our Facebook community, and they can ask me questions that way, or I can send them a loom video. But the third thing and the most important thing is: change takes time. So it’s an eight week, nine week content right now. There’ll be more as the program grows, but it’s for sure a very clear eight, nine week phases that you can go through at your own pace. But transformation takes time. So those women who took the program, you know, the first four weeks, eight weeks, some of them now the changes are really happening and now things are coming up again. So they have lifetime access to me. It’s a very awesome, yeah. So this is an investment in your well-being. So you pay once and you get to work with me for a lifetime of the program and to all the videos. Yeah.

A: That is really great because most of them, it is like, after that eight weeks, you’re like, now what?

C: Exactly.

A: I think it’s remembering that we don’t have that competition, that we’re not all on the same timeline, but to build that ongoing community, I think is really amazing. It’s really that having somebody just confirm what we’re feeling or have somebody that we can relate to and feel like we’re on the same sort of level, just understanding wise, I think is so helpful and brings such peace of mind to people.

C: This ability to tap into this because it helps maintain and prevent problems from coming up. That’s what we do too, is if the people are not working on something directly to them or coaching with. I’m into a theme or an area talking about helping them understand about energies or spirit signs or working through some business dynamics. So, yeah, it’s a lot of fun.

A: Oh, well, that’s fantastic that they have the option to not just focus on one topic.

C: The system I tap into was something that was channeled to me years ago. I would talk about it before this physical star I’m holding in my hand actually came in as a symbol, but it’s called my five-point star system. It integrates the five points on the star, which is: express, move prime, align and monetize. So essentially in a nutshell, you could be anywhere on that point on that star. That strong in some areas that would be weaker. So for example, if you’re feeling emotionally stuck and you’re not feeling emotionally free and you’re depressed, there’s a lot going on: heaviness. You will probably lean into the phase about the express point for emotional wellbeing. If you’ve lost a loved one, or you’re having a spiritual experiences and, part of wanting to grow your intuition is also understanding what you can’t see. It could be know that’s the aligned point on the star, where you learn things to connect with self source and others. So your own inner relationship healing that helping your relationship with the other people and also the ability to tap into, I call it your spiritual cheerleaders and one of the points of the stars, it’s about moving in nutrition and all these things because they all play components. Someone will come in and they’ll be like; “oh, well, my nutrition is doing pretty good. My fitness is doing pretty good.” You know, or maybe I’m even doing my breath work experience or my journaling meditation, but I’m off over here still in my money flow. Well, because there could be an emotional piece that needs to be on stuck unrooted as a new program, self-care, and then you open up your creativity to monetize your life in the way that’s aligned to you. So I don’t teach business practices specifically, but we do cover some business conversations that are tapped into helping open up your creativity. So you get what you need.

A: That’s really important because as people and as women, we tend to want to give, to everybody else. We really forget about ourselves or put ourselves on the back burner. I think it is really important for everybody to understand that you have to prioritize yourself first, and to listen to what your body is telling you, whether that’s just feeling like you’re at a burnout or feeling like you’re not aligned. But you really do have to look within and check in with yourself and really prioritize yourself.

Colleen Wynia

C: Yeah, absolutely. I’d love to give your listeners there’s a little ebook I have, that’s really handy called eight best steps to raise your vibration, to attract more vibrant health, love, money, and magic – maybe get your hands on that. It’s a real simple read, but it’s a great reset reminder and its on my website. If you go to, you can just download that and you can become a part of my heart link newsletter community. I put out maybe a couple of newsletters a month and I always include most of this time, my YouTube channel videos.

A: Thank you so much, Colleen, for sharing all of that with us and for telling us about your program and for joining me on this conversation today.

C: I’m so blessed and honored and really enjoyed this conversation. Thanks for having me.