This year’s Wellness Show is going to be spectacular for many of us parents who are looking to add more value to their “self care” routines. I think it is so important to remember that taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. You can’t fill up others cups when yours is empty. Which is why I am thrilled to share some 6 things to up your self care game from the Wellness Show that’s just around the corner! 

Women’s Health Panel

Panellists; Alyson Jones, Amanda Da Silva, and Nira Arora will be at this year’s show to talk to all of us about life as a woman. They will touch on topics that relate to mental health and give us all an incredible candid insight into what we should focus on, what we feel is lacking and how we can do better for ourselves. 


Bringing Fitness Tech Home

With COVID and gyms being up and down a lot of people had to adapt which means there has been a boom in wearable technology. Wearable tech has become the new norm, particularly in the last two years as our health and fitness routines have become more “at home.” The TUT Fitness Trainer, an easily stowable home gym, is now more affordable than ever. We also like the Hapbee, a wearable that can make you feel more alert (like caffeine) or sleepy (like melatonin) by playing magnetic frequency recordings of molecules. Something lots of us could definitely use in our lives. 


Everyone Needs A Laugh

Laughing is so important and taking the time to enjoy a good laugh is a great way to make yourself feel better. There is nothing better than a good laugh which is why Lizzie Allen and her Hilarapy will be such a treat to see. With her therapy through laughter and standup you’ll be both enlightened and entertained. 


Encouraging Sober Living

Sobriety is a hard road to walk, but it can be so rewarding and for those of you who are on that journey the Wellness Show has your back showcasing the latest in non-alcohol products! With so many great choices out there now that come as alcohol-free, like tasty Sober Carpenter beer, a non-alcoholic crafted G&T from local Opus or Solbru. You’ll find non-alcoholic elixirs that include mushrooms, herbal extracts, apple cider vinegar and spices especially blended in four formulas to help you feel elevated, inspired and connected. You can sample all of these at this year’s show so you definitely don’t want to miss out. 

Terracotta Tummy Food Truck

Looking to experiment with the idea of meat free meals? Worried you’re not going to like it or can’t “eat good food”? Then you will have to make sure to visit their onsite food truck that will be serving up amazing 100% vegan meals everyone will love. This is such a great way to open your eyes to the delicious world of vegan eats! Nothing says self care better than nourishing our bodies in a guilt-free way. 


End Of Life Honesty

This year you can join Christina Andreola, Christa Ovenell, Emily Bootle and Megan Sheldon as they explore the End of Life process. Having an honest and truthful conversation about the end of life process can be a comforting way to face the inevitable. This will be a safe space to discuss what the end of life process could look like for yourself and for your loved ones.

More than 150 exhibitors will present products and information on nutrition, health, wellness, natural beauty, anti-aging, family health, mental well-being, green living, pet health, and complementary, traditional, and alternative health therapies. Everything you need to help create a better self-care plan for your day to day will be there this year plus so much more! Make sure you snag your tickets online to help you save $2 on admission.