I did receive a media pass to attend this presentation. All opinions are my own.

Image by Chelsey Stuyt


I was absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to attend Sunny Drake’s captivating production of CHILD-ish, presented in collaboration with the CHILD-ish Collective, at Pacific Theatre. From February 9th to March 9th, this enchanting show welcomed children aged 8 and over, although it’s important to note that its themes were primarily tailored for an adult audience. With a runtime of a succinct 75 minutes, devoid of intermissions, the journey commenced the moment one stepped foot into the theater. The enchanting sight of a vibrant, whimsical mobile suspended above the stage instantly immersed patrons in a playful and childlike atmosphere.

What transpired on stage was a masterful rendition of children’s perspectives skillfully brought to life by adult actors. Craig Erickson, Tasha Faye Evans, Tom Pickett, Sara Vickruck, James Yi, and Maki Yi collectively embraced the innocence, humor, and carefree essence of childhood with unparalleled authenticity. Particularly striking was the manner in which the unadulterated honesty of children permeated the dialogue, delving into profound topics such as love, death, consent, suicide, climate change, and even unicorns, each treated with the gravity they deserve.

At the core of the play lay the genuine words of 40 interviewed children, serving as the soul of the narrative. Of these, a segment delving into love, dating, and marriage left an indelible impression. According to these young interviewees, the pathway seemed straightforward: express your feelings, reciprocate if mutual, progress to dating, and eventually, marriage. However, their pragmatic perspective acknowledged the reality that not all marriages withstand the test of time, advocating for resilience and growth in the face of faltering love—a seemingly stark yet undeniably pragmatic outlook.

Image by Chelsey Stuyt

As the production neared its conclusion, audience engagement added an interactive dimension to the experience. Encouraged to interact with fellow attendees, we contemplated the profound questions displayed on screen. This interactive segment culminated in a heartwarming finale where a group of children joined the actors on stage for playful games, culminating in a collective recital of poignant insights drawn from their words. Phrases such as “play, play, play,” “listen to your elders,” “kids are amazing,” and “give it a shot, it may not work out, but at least you tried” reverberated with simple yet profound wisdom.

The ambiance transformed into one of jubilation as the audience seamlessly transitioned into a spontaneous dance party, complete with the iconic chicken dance. It was an experience overflowing with wholesomeness and warmth, serving as a poignant reminder of the boundless joy and innate wisdom found in embracing our inner child.

For those seeking to rekindle the purity and simplicity of childhood, I wholeheartedly recommend immersing oneself in the enchanting world of CHILD-ish. Sunny Drake and the CHILD-ish Collective have masterfully crafted a production that not only entertains but also offers a profound reflection on the enduring beauty and resilience of youth.

When: February 16th to March 9th, 2024

Where: 1440 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver BC

Price: $15-40