I was provided media passes to this show but all opinions are my own.

I had the pleasure of attending The Heat: An International Improv Comedy Showcase and it was absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. The show unites improv groups from all over the world (Toronto, the UK, Atlanta, LA and the Philippines’). Each show includes short form games, an international showcase of a visiting troupe’s unique style of improv, and an “all-play.” Teams will continue to mix and mingle throughout the week during performances. It runs at The Improv Centre from January 23rd to January 27th . The show is 90minutes long and there is an intermission. Please note the show is rated PG as some material is not suitable for all ages.

It was so cool to see the team from the Philippines on the night that I went. They were hilarious and charismatic. It was neat to see their style of improv as they mentioned, they are very musically inclined. There was some singing involved! The Vancouver troupe was equally funny and entertaining. I should also mention the lighting and sound team was also on point, as they were so responsive to whatever was happening on stage. It all seemed so seamless and organic. I think my favourite game was the one where they tap in and out of roles. It was funny to see how the scenes would continue with people swapping roles. Improv is so impressive to me, as
the teams must think so quickly on their feet and roll with the punches. I highly recommend checking out The Heat, if you’re looking for a good laugh. I laughed the entire time!

If you are looking for more improv shows they have Theatresports on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Two teams of highly skilled improv comedians vie for the laughs and support of audience judges. A high-energy, fast-paced and good-natured competition that will leave you wanting more. The shows are PG and run for 90 minutes. Starting in February, they have a special run of Single, Not Single. Whether you’re coupled, throupled or none-of-the-above, you’ll have a belly-aching, heart-breaking good time as our performers explore the ups and downs of relationships and the lack thereof! These shows are 14A as they may have more sexual content and mature themes. They also have a 90 minute running time.

The Improv Centre is located at 1502 Duranleau Street on Granville Island in Vancouver. The parking is free after 6pm.

Let us know in the comments, which show you are looking forward to seeing?