the 90s were an amazing time in the world here in North America. Things were great, parenting was still very 80s styled and kids were feral and filled with imagination. Even though things have changed, it doesn’t mean you can’t taste a bit of the 90s again, and thanks to the amazing actors at the Improv Centre in Granville Island you can do just that until May 27th!

The Improv Centre in Granville Island will be putting on their show: Bring Back the 90s from April 20th – May 27th with shows all starting at 7:30pm. Their location has a full bar with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options so everyone can enjoy their night to the fullest extent and at GREAT prices too might I add. So if you like to hang out with the cast, and grab a couple drinks before the show starts definitely do so!

For their opening night they had a great spread of 90s favorites like Pizza Hut pizzas, hot dogs served hot lunch styled, deep dish cakes and all the nostalgic candy you could hope for. They really went all out for their show and their performances were on point during the whole show. Even though our crowd took them on a dark turn they made it absolutely hilarious. Our cast and crew were brilliant and so talented but you can enjoy a different mix depending on the night you attend the show!

Improv Centre

Our hilarious Cast from April 20th – loved all of them.

One of the best parts? Each show will be totally unique which means you can go more than once and enjoy a brand new bunch of laughs each time. Not to mention you get to support some great performers and the arts here in Vancouver B.C! Now if you have never been to an improv show there are a few things you might want to know ahead of time.

  1. You could be called upon.
  2. You could end up apart of the show for a short but fun time.

They are very kind and know that if you super don’t want to participate, they will not make you and if you do they will ensure its a lovely experience. Go in with a light heart and know you are in a safe space to have a little fun with their guidance. Additionally throughout the show they will ask for suggestions, suggestions of the 90s variety. Something that makes it so much fun but sometimes it is hard to come up with things on the spot in the timeframe needed so to help I created a fun list of things from the 90s that you can have on hand. You know in case you want to shout out some things but are like myself and often brain fog in the moment.

I’ll take: things from the 90s for 400 Alex…

90s Objects: 
Polly Pockets
Cassette Tape (remember trying to record your favorite song off the radio?) + pencil cause you need both.
Floppy Disk
Inflatable Furniture
View Masters (those things you put those picture wheel things into, look like binoculars kinda)
Discmans + Walkmans (don’t jump around or the song will skip)
Sticker Earrings
Butterfly Clips
Beanie Babies

Other 90s Suggestions: 
MSN messenger
Power Rangers
Art Attack
The Macarena (we all had to learn to dance to this in elementary school)
Cotton Eyed Joe (we also had to learn to dance to this in elementary school)
MTV (when it was all music videos and was cool)
The Simpsons
Harry Potter Fever

Hopefully some of those suggestions will help you be the star of the show when it comes to 90s knowledge. I mean the least we can do it make you feel like a hot shot always on the ball and open to throw out something for the actors to work with. Bring Back the 90s was one of the best nights out I have had in a long time and we were so impressed with how they put everything together.

The theatre itself inside is split into two different seating options with up front seating being in tables of four pair with theatre seating for the upper part of the theatre space. It is a great mix of seating for however you prefer to enjoy a comedy show and with all their great restaurant partners you’ll be able to snag a bit to eat at a discounted rate! Talk about a great deal: a show and a discounted dinner after – what more could you ask for?

If you want to snag tickets to their next show you can do so HERE – make sure to get them early so you don’t miss out and they sell out!