Going to live theatre can be a really magical once in a lifetime moment. The odds are super low that you will share the audience with the exact same people and that the presentation will be exactly the same. It allows you, no matter what you are experiencing, a chance to walk into a dark room, turn your mind off and be absorbed into the show. It can inspire you to look at people’s stories from a different perspective and provide a different glimpse at a culture outside of your own. The show could also be for your inner child and get a glimpse at the wonder and joy that lives within and provide some nostalgia. It might also give you the opportunity to let your emotions out if that is something that you struggle with whether it be tears or laughter.

These are a few of the theatre presentations worth checking out in Vancouver, BC this November:


Deaf public speaker, Nathan Jesper, has arrived at his venue desperately late. As he launches into his speech, he soon realizes that things are not what they seem. A new play by Deaf artist Chris Dodd, Deafy skillfully combines ASL, surtitles and the spoken word to weave together a tragicomedy that takes the audience on an unexpected journey of discovering what it really means to belong.

Where: The VIFF Studio Theatre – 1181 Seymour St., Vancouver.

When: November 24th to 26th

Price: $25

Through My Eyes

A dancer enters the stage and discovers a ball. Intrigued, she moves toward it, carefully. As soon as she touches it, the magic of the stage is unleashed: the lights go up, the décor appears all around her, shadows play their tricks…and transform one dancer into many! Now there are four of her, to play together and discover a constantly changing environment: a graphical world made up of forms, colours, textures, sounds, and illusions. A topsy-turvy playground where dance continually shifts with the context, this performance full of surprises invites audiences to see the world afresh through the eyes of a child who explores. An ode to the power of imagination, Through My Eyes stimulates the child’s senses and brings us back to one of the loveliest things about childhood: a tireless capacity for wonder.

Where: Anvil Theatre- 777 Columbia St., New Westminster, BC

When: November 17th-18th

Price: $11.50-21.50

Chutzpah Festival: Whistle

In this powerful solo theatre work, Tami, the only child of Auschwitz survivors, discovers at the age of 45 that she has not yet ever really lived. This startling revelation comes to her through a stranger, who suddenly enters her life and opens up locked doors to her soul. Whistle is a searing, yet heartfelt and sensitive monodrama that centres the pain of the second generation of survivors, and reveals the invisible wounds of the Holocaust, through a human story about a woman fighting for her natural right to rejoice, live, and love.

Where: Firehall Arts Centre- 280 Cordova St., Vancouver, BC

When: November 14th-15th

Price: $40

The Birds and The Bees

Sarah, a turkey farmer, has split up with her husband and moved in with her mom, Gail, a beekeeper. Add in Earl, the flirty neighbour, and Ben, an eager young graduate student, and you have the perfect breeding ground for unlikely attractions. Set in adjoining bedrooms, The Birds and the Bees is a Canadian comedy about love, lust, beekeeping, and the artificial insemination of turkeys.

Where: touring throughout the Fraser Valley

When: October 4th-November 5th

Price: $50/varies by venue

How Black Mothers Say I Love You

Hard-working Daphne left her two young daughters in Jamaica for six years to create a better life for them in America. Now thirty years later, proud and private, Daphne relies on church and her nearby dutiful daughter to face a health crisis. But when feisty queer activist Claudette arrives unexpectedly from far away to help out, her arrival stirs up the buried past, family ghosts, and the burning desire for unconditional love before it’s too late. How Black Mothers Say I Love You is a raw, compelling look into family dynamics and strife. But it is also a story alive with humour, love, and tenderness as it explores the complicated perceptions of immigrant mothers.

Where: Historic Theatre- 1895 Venables St. Vancouver, BC

When: November 2nd-12th

Price: $20-49

Snow White

Snow White tells the familiar story of an evil, envious queen who recruits a huntsman to dispatch the pure-hearted heroine, only to have her come into the care of seven dwarfs. When the queen learns of Snow White’s presence in the woods, she sends her into an eternal slumber that can only be broken by the arrival of a certain prince.

Where: Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwright St., Vancouver, BC

When: November 29th to December 31st

Price: $18


Let me know in the comments what you thought of the show.