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If you are in a relationship you should be making a stocking for your partner, if they make one for you. So often women are the ones that are left empty handed Christmas morning after creating magic memories for everyone else in the household. This can lead to hurt feelings and resentment. Stockings don’t have to be filled with expensive or elaborate items just something to let that person know that you were thinking of them and that them having a surprise on Christmas morning was important to you. Shopping could be done at the grocery store, dollar store or if the budget allows a local small shop in your community.

If you are unsure of what to get for your spouse, I suggest that you do inventory at home first. These are the places that I suggest looking, and take pictures if needed:

Shower: to see which soap or body wash they like, what type of razors (if any) do they use, what brand of shampoo or conditioner do they use, what kind of deodorant do they use, do they use a bluetooth speaker, does she use teeth whitening strips, do they use sheet masks

Cosmetic bag: what brand of make up and the shades do they buy, do they use a certain brand of chapstick they like

Bedroom: do they have a specific bra, socks or underwear always in the laundry (those are her favourite so buy the same size and style), what perfumes (if any) does she have, if she likes candles note the scents she commonly buys, if she keeps a specific lotion by her bedside, does she like slippers and if so which style/colour, does she take a sleep aid and note the brand, if she likes crystals note the colour she has, does she journal, does she read a specific author

Kitchen: what are her go-to snacks, does she have a favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that she likes, if she is a coffee or tea person note which brands she regularly buys

Christmas Decor: does she have an ornament with her name or initial, does she decorate with a certain colour scheme or have an ornament featuring her favourite show or movie, does she collect a specific type of decoration

Vehicle: does she keep a specific brand of hand sanitizer in there, check what is in the console (could she use a coin purse, toiletries kit), does she use air freshener

Other Ideas: gift cards to their regular service provider or favourite hair salon, nail salon, masseuse, wellness spa, restaurant, activity, book store, psychic, airline, meal delivery service, etc.

Don’t buy cleaning supplies or gym memberships unless she has specifically asked for them.

If looking for items from a small shop these are a few that I would recommend:

Image by RDNE Stock Project


Island Tropics Gift Set

This gift set includes 1 Island tropics shampoo bar and 1 Island Tropics conditioner bar in a 100% backyard compostable shower container. Island Tropics is fantastic for colored or normal hair. You can use the bars to cleanse and condition your hair and body, including your face and the bars are both fabulous to shave with.

Punk Rock Pastries Treats

They have a variety of options to choose from ranging from regular to x-rated.

Full Moon Yearbook

The Full Moon Yearbook combines lore and seasonal lunar wisdom from Indigenous, Celtic and East Asian cultures in a colourful and beautifully illustrated celebration of the power of the full moon. Over thirteen chapters, we learn the stories, seasonal moods, rituals, Tarot cards, and yoga postures that match the energy of each full moon throughout the calendar year.

Adulting Sucks Tea .

Ingredients:  Black tea, Papaya, Blackberry leaves, Ginger, Peach, Calendula, Marigold and Sunflowers petals, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant)

Sloth Lip Gloss

Vanilla flavored. Sloth shaped lip balm measures approximately 1.25 inches long x 1 inch x 2 inches tall.

Therapeutic Heat Belt

This would be great for period pain or back pain. It has 4 vibrating settings, 4 heat settings and custom extended elastic belt length.

Merry as F*ck Socks

They have a variety of styles. 57% cotton, 23% polyester, 17% nylon, 3% spandex exclusive of elastic.

SWIG Mega Mug

They have a variety of sizes and colours. Fits most standard cup holders. Keeps drinks cold 24+ hours and hot 9+ hours.

Car Air Fragrance

It includes 2 air fragrances with elastics. Top Notes: White Grapefruit, Mandarin, Cinnamon; Middle Notes: Clove Bud, Spiced Orchid, Tonka Bean; Base Notes: Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood

Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

Scrub shampoo with sea salt. It refreshes the scalp and removes impurities, product residues and polluting particles. It gives texture to the hair and keeps it clean and light for longer.

OI Holiday Pack

For luxe scents and shine. Ideal for all hair types, the OI Set is an easy choice for those who desire beautiful, shiny and fragrant hair.

Calacatta Rose Gold Bracelet Key Ring

Have the option to slip it on your wrist, hold it, or clip it on a purse or bag. – 100% food grade silicone and non-toxic – BPA, lead, PVC, mercury and phthalates free – 6 1/2″ or 16.5 cm inner circumference.

Pink Wide Tooth Shower Comb

They measure 23.5cm in length and 6cm wide (at the comb end). They are 4mm in thickness. They are very lightweight and can be thrown in your purse or left in your car for anytime your hair needs a refresh throughout the day. Great for the beach too!

Snowman Bath Bombs

A bouncy blue colour dresses the 4 Snowmen for the season. They added biodegradable silver glitter for that extra bling. Scented with their in house blend “Sleigh Ride”.

Anti-stress Shower Spritzer

Place a Shower Spritzer on your shower shelf or floor to add a “burst” of delightful Pikaki to your shower. The more water they come in contact with, the more aroma they release. Paraben, SLS, sulfate free and vegan.

AVO Toothbrush Starter Kit

The Starter Kit includes: 1 adult reusable andodized aluminum handle (black, rose gold or silver), 1 black biodegradable brush head and 1 magnetic storage mounting plate (mounting plate matches the colour of the handle).

Let me know in the comments, what your favourite stocking stuffers are?