Growing up I was fortunate enough to be taken to museums, art galleries and the theatre. I cannot remember where I got them but I had miniature versions of Van Gogh’s A Starry Night and The Night At Cafe on my wall. I remember thinking I was so cultured and fantasized about being able to sip espresso at a French cafe one day just like I had envisioned they were in the painting. 

For my birthday this year I treated myself to tickets to the Van Gogh Exhibition in Vancouver, BC. With the current health climate the event had many measures in place to keep everyone safe. The event was held at the Vancouver Convention Center. Tickets are available by pre-order only. Upon arrival we were given a survey to complete with standard questions regarding health, travel, etc. After we had temperature checks. Masks were required. They also had numerous hand sanitizing stations. 

Once inside the exhibit there are large info cards that you could take the opportunity to learn more about Van Gogh’s history and art. There were duplicate boards to make it easy to socially distance. 

Once inside the room with the large screens you can stay as long as you want but once you leave cannot re-enter. The experience is approximately an hour. The space made for easy social distancing and I didn’t feel dizzy at all. The screens and floor display his art. Photography is permitted (just no flash). With so many businesses closed it felt so good to be out again and being at a live event. It was so breathtaking to be surrounded by the artwork and really feeling like you were walking through his art. The images were slow moving so easy to take it all in and get pictures. For me, art brings out wonder and helps me get out of my own head. I love to think of what life would be like in the times of the drawings and paintings. It helps spark my own creativity. I would love if more artists had their work displayed this way. 

Tickets are currently sold out but visit the Van Gogh Exhibition to be put on the waitlist. The exhibition is set to be in Vancouver until August. The event may cause discomfort to people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy as it does contain bright lights. The event is wheelchair and reduced mobility friendly. 

Let me know if you have been and what your thoughts on it were!