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Photo Cred: Nico Dicecco

I had the honour of attending Our Ghosts by Sally Stubbs at Firehall Arts Centre. The play was skillfully directed by Sarah Rodgers. It runs from March 19 th -April 2 nd 2023. Run, don’t walk tosee this play! It was an absolutely fantastic performance that touched my heart. Our Ghosts is a mystery inspired by the disappearance of the playwright’s own father from the Comox Air Base. The play shines light on what happens when a pilot and his aircraft disappear and the accountability of it all (or lack thereof).

I was enamored by each and every character in this play. They all made very bold impressions on stage. The performance showcases how a young mother courageously manages to raise a family on her own as her husband goes missing and she is left without answers or options. Moira (played by Barbara Pollard) is mother to Kate (played by Corina Akeson) and Stevie (played by Sebastian Archibald). Stevie is an interesting character (he was Kate’s younger brother). It was heartbreaking to watch him turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain of losing his father at such a young age. It goes to show how children cope with loss differently, even in the same environment. It was undeniable that Moira and Kate had the perfect mother-daughter chemistry. You could really put yourself in Kate’s shoes when she was worried about her mother’s well-being in her old age. Aging parents are a great responsibility and Kate was doing her best to care for and support her mother. It was so touching how Moira never lost faith in her love who disappeared many years ago. There are flashbacks of Young Moira so we get to see the backstory and struggles of a young mother. Young Moira (played by Lucy McNulty) was a breath of fresh air. Moira is so full of passion and strength. She has a fiery side to her personality that was impossible to ignore. Young Moira and older Moira persisted and raised children against all odds, without giving up hope that one day her husband would return. She waited for him-mind, body and soul. I feel that kind of love is very rare in today’s society, so it was so beautiful to watch. Sebastian Archibald did an outstanding job playing Vic, Stevie and Felix. Raugi Yu is the associate director and also played Chris Seers and RCAF Officers. He was diplomatic and as kind as he could be, considering the circumstances. The entire cast was remarkable. You will go through a myriad of emotions in this 90 minute performance. I am grateful for the opportunity to listen to Sally Stubb’s story and of course the story of Flight Officer Gerald Stubbs. I highly recommend checking out Our Ghosts at Firehall Arts Centre.

Phot Cred. Nico Dicecco

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When: March 19 – April 2
Where: 280 E. Cordova, Vancouver BC
Performance Times: Tuesday-Saturday, 7:30pm | Saturday & Sunday, 3:00pm | Pay What You Can on Tuesday at 7:30pm &
Wednesday at 1:00pm
Tickets: From $25 at firehallartscentre.ca | 604.689.0926
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