I was given passes to attend the opening. All opinions are my own.

Image by Keely O’Brien

It was an absolute treat to attend Ann Mortifee’s Reflections on Crooked Walking. It’s running from December 2nd-24th at Firehall Arts Centre. It is a must-see if you are looking for a family-friendly, jovial and uplifting play. Produced by the Firehall Arts Centre and directed by Donna Spencer, Ann Mortifee’s Reflections on Crooked Walking is a JUNO Award-nominated family musical that tells the tale of four people who find themselves the only ones left awake surrounded by sleeping townspeople. Their journey in search of a cure for the mysterious sleeping sickness leads them down a surprising path of deeper self-awareness.

Ann Mortifee is a multi-faceted performing artist. Her albums, concerts, musicals, scores, and book have generated numerous national and international distinctions and several awards. She is a compelling storyteller and keynote speaker at major conferences. Ms. Mortifee is a recipient of The Order of Canada and the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award forher contribution to the performing and healing arts.

One of my favourite characters is Sufferton, played by Tanner Zerr. He completely embodied a grumpy and pessimistic character with a victim mentality. He just couldn’t win in life (or so it seemed) and he simply had to tell anyone that would listen. Now, in reality, I do not enjoy the company of such personalities, but it was hilarious to watch on stage.

Image by Emily Cooper

Another fave was Opia, played by Meghan Gardiner. She was pure evil, and I reveled in her glory. She represented darkness and preyed on human weakness. To be honest, I wanted to dislike her character because I tend to root for the good guys, but I quickly changed my mind because she was so captivating. Opia has two minions, Wayless, played by Jeffrey Michael Follis and Nimbleknees, played by Daune Campbell. They both did an incredible job in aiding Opia in her evildoings. They were so animated and entertaining.
Gabby, played by Evelyn Chew, was a cheerful and lovable character. I enjoyed how bubbly and bright-eyed she was.

Reverend Blinkers, played by Sanders Whiting, was such a sweet character. Watching him cling to his book, in hopes for answers and clues, just melted my heart. In moments of crisis, there are people who scour religious texts for guidance. We all cling to our beliefs during turmoil, whatever they may be.

Feathertoes, played by Jennifer Lynch, was such a fun and vibrant character to watch. Her lively energy was infectious. Her laissez-faire demeanour reminded me of my younger self. Ah, to be that carefree again!

The entire cast was fantastic, and I left the theatre with a smile on my face. All of the characters had to self-reflect while also connecting with the others. It was very interesting to examine all the personalities and how they walk through life. One of the takeaways of the story is that we must all look within ourselves to overcome adversity and in doing so, allow new doors to open.

I genuinely enjoyed this musical, and highly encourage everyone to check it out during this holiday season. I think we could all use a laugh right now!

When: December 2nd to 24th

Where: 280 E. Cordova, Vancouver BC

Price: $30+

Pay What You Can: Tuesday at 730pm & Wednesday at 1pm.