As a mom, taking care of yourself is important. It is hard to remember sometimes because all our roles in life as a mother is so overwhelming, but it is important to take time to connect with yourself as a singular person away from the title of mom. Find a passion, take time away, connect with friends and get out in nature. It is important for moms to take care of themselves first and foremost so they can care for the families with the best mindset.

Taking care of yourself as a mother can be hard (trust us we know), but learning to take the time to relax, restore and replenish yourself is so important and something many of us moms aren’t taught. With so many things on your shoulders as a mom, not just physically but mentally, it can be hard to remember to take care of ourselves. To take time to connect with yourself as a singular person away from the title of mom is something all of us need to do, but how? 

Photo by Brady Knoll

Find A Passion Or Hobby

Sometimes one of the best things we can do for ourselves is find something we love to do away from our families. Something that we enjoy inside or outside of the house. Whether it be something artsy you can do at home, or even getting involved in an organized sport there is something out there for you. Something that will get you excited and something that is all yours. Even if it is just reading endlessly while in your comfiest clothing and snuggled under blankets with tea. You need time for yourself. 

Take Time Away

I know it is easier said than done for many of us, especially during this time of inflation. But if it is within your means a great thing to do is take some time away for yourself. Even if that is just a one night stay at a hotel with a jacuzzi tub so you can finally enjoy those bath bombs everyone keeps buying you. Some time to be with yourself, maybe even on a mini vacation is a priceless experience. Often a great way to totally recharge your batteries so you can be the best mom that you can be when you get back to the family. 

Connect With Friends

Having a network of friends around you is so important. Women need to have a safe space and network of people they can count on to talk to. Moms should be able to have friends outside their marriage and their kids that they can relate with, that they can vent to. Someone they can cry with when they need to. If you don’t have a network like that make the time and effort to get yourself out there and meet some kindred spirits. 

Photo Cred: Andrea Piacquadio

Get Out In Nature

If you are a nature lover like myself, making the time to get out in nature from time to time is essential. Being in a quiet forest, or listening to the waves and a small close by beach there is nothing better than connecting with nature. A great hobby you might enjoy picking up that both gives you a passion and a way to get out in nature is foraging. Learning about plants and foraging off the land can make you feel so accomplished and you learn a priceless skill while being out amongst the flora and fauna of your area. 

Talk To Your Doctor

If you are really feeling the pinch when it comes to your mental health, please, reach out. Talk to your doctor or other trusted healthcare professional and find out your options. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we all need to accept it sometimes and it’s important to learn how. 

Ladies, it can be hard to remember to take time out of our already busy lives. But, when we do what makes us happy, we are better able to spread happiness into the lives of others. Whether it is a hot bath or a day of shopping, taking the time to recharge makes you a better mother to your kids. Something that your kids will thank you for later, showing them that THEY are important as well as their families. They don’t have to sacrifice their mental health to be a parent, we can all work together but you need to be on your own team first and foremost. 

Tell us how you love to recharge your battery and take care of your mental health in the comments below, we would love to add your suggestions.