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Bottles They Sell Displayed


I paid a visit to Nada Grocery, as I have been trying to be more mindful about all of the packaging I personally buy and use.  The store aims to reduce their carbon footprint, and support local businesses. Nada Grocery offers groceries from more than 100 local vendors within the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. They are located at 675 East Broadway in Vancouver.  Parking can be a little tricky in that area, so I just parked on a side street. The store hours are Monday-Sunday 12pm-7pm. The store itself is not a large space, but it is very well laid out and organized. Everything was easy to find and navigate through. They have a little bit of everything: bakery, beverages, dairy and alternatives, deli, dry goods, lifestyle, frozen, grocery, home, Nada’s own, personal care, and produce. They do offer free delivery with purchase of $50 or more to Delta, Surrey, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Richmond, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby and New West. 

I spoke to the associate at the store and told her it was my first time visiting.  She kindly explained how things work and answered all my questions. The basic concept is that they want to reduce packaging, so they have bins and baskets of products that you put into reusable containers and bags. You have the option of bringing in your own jars but need to weigh them on the scale and then scan a smart tag so that they know how much your jar weighs and do not charge you for that weight at checkout.  I chose to purchase the glass jars they had available, just to have the full experience. There is another option, of just grabbing free jars and containers that have been donated to the store.  I like that there are multiple options, and they don’t insist that you purchase their jars and containers.  If you don’t have time to come in and shop, they do have in store pick up, and delivery as well. I like how there are different ways to shop for every customer’s lifestyle. On a side note, they also have a deli but they are not in full operation due to Covid-19.  They are working on getting it back up and running.


As it was my first time here, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to buy but that made it all the more exciting. I saw that they carry Avalon milk, and picked some up since I was familiar with it. I also have tried Hoochy Booch kombucha before and had to grab that as well. Hoochy Booch kombucha is really smooth and easy to drink. Even if you’re not a huge kombucha drinker, you will fall in love with this one. It is also locally owned and female founded. I wandered over to the bulk bins filled with various teas, grains, beans, rice, and so much more! I ended up grabbing some Epsom salts because I love a good bath experience.  I am a big tea drinker, so I chose their Turmeric tonic as it has health benefits such as immune support, and anti-inflammatory properties. I have been really into having yogurt for breakfast lately so I picked up some granola with hemp seeds in it to add to my yogurt.

Bottles Stacked Showing Purchases


These are the items I purchased and the cost:

Avalon 2% milk 1L $4.64 (plus an additional $1.25 refundable jar deposit)

Blue Raspberry Lime Kombucha 1L $10

Epsom salt $3.52

Hemp plus granola $1.69

Turmeric ginger tonic $11.52

I really enjoyed my experience at Nada Grocery, and will definitely be back. The simple act of using less packaging and being mindful about buying local is something that we can all work on. I am definitely not the most environmentally conscious person out there but I do try my best to do what I can. To get $125 towards your first four purchases: click here